A Challenge for your Mind!

Get your own circuit board with an Arduino Nano and some components and the opportunity to show us your creativity and skills!

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Before you can get your circuit board you have to register

Step 0: Visit all three booths!

Come over and say hi! You can come to either of our booths to get your own circuit board but register at all the booths to qualify for Step 1: "Lödöl".

Step 1: "Lödöl", March 10th

Join us for an evening of soldering and beer, or "Lödöl", the 10th of March! Here you will solder the Arduino Nano and some components to your board! Don't worry, it is easy and a lot of fun. We are also there to help out. Afterwards, you get to keep the board and the components you soldered on to it!

Step 2: The Company Challenges

After the "Lödöl" we will present our company challenges! You will find them here after the 10th of March, but here is a teaser.

Code Challenge

At MindRoad we value those who can adapt to complex situations and solve difficult problems. 

We challenge you to expand our small game by using the MindChallenge kit and your imagination as the limit.

Curiosity Challenge

At Wolfram MathCore we value those who are technically skilled, solution driven and passionately curious. 

We challenge you to show your technical skills, drive, and curiosity, by using the MindChallenge kit to control a digital twin provided by us.

Security Challenge

At link22 we value those who are creative and mindful of integrity. 

We challenge you to use the MindChallenge kit to create the most secure lock possible and hide your darkest secret behind it.

Step 3: Party and Prizes

We will host an evening where you will have a chance to speak to us about whatever you'd like and show off your creations. Those that participated in the challenges will also have a chance to win some prizes!